Sunday, October 23, 2011


We went camping this weekend and had a wonderful time.
We headed out right after school on Friday and Wes stayed the evening and night with us. We had a blast! The boys wore mustaches, played at the park, and watched a movie projected on the camper next to us! Talk about camping in style. Then in the middle of the night - Ben slipped out of his bunk, sleeping bag and all and ker-plunked on the floor pretty hard. He hurt, but can you believe he never really woke up. Weirdest kid ever!
Saturday I dropped Pete and Dave 5 miles up the Platte and they canoed back to the campsite. They said it was a great time and tried to convince Nikki and I to take a turn, fortunately Nikki "doesn't paddle" so I was safe. The kids went on adventures through the woods, and played on the bounce house. The adults fixed one heck of a feast. Dave smoked amazing ribs, and we made beans, and hashbrown casserole, and broccoli salad -- followed by a homemade pumpkin pie (can not included). Needless to say we were ILL. AND we had it for lunch today!

More weekend photos..

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Dave and Karen said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!!! I love the look on Cloudy's face at the end - priceless! :)

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