Monday, September 26, 2011


Last week we played hookie from life and went on vacation in Yellowstone!
I can't even describe the incredible time we had and amazing things we saw and did...
There came a point in the vacation where I gave up trying to take pictures, knowing there's just no way I would be able to accurately capture the awesome beauty of the place. And in doing so, I missed a great opportunity to photograph a moose!
We had elk at our campsite, a coyote that arrived every morning at 9am, and lots of flying squirrels that had no problem buzzing our tower as we stood around the campfire.
By the 3rd day we were done being enthused by the bison. They were EVERYWHERE.
The closest we came to a bear (that we know of ) is paw prints in the beach. One of the last days we were there we set out for a hike that would take us through bear territory --- We were met by a Park Ranger that informed us the trail was closed due to bear AND wolf activity. Apparently the wolves had taken down another animal and the bears moved in to snack on the carcass. (We guess the carcass was bison- and who doesn't want to snack on bison?! It's leaner than cow, lower cholesterol than chicken and fish, AND they are the only animal believed to be cancer resistant!!! )
We hiked over 35miles of Yellowstone trails! Ben hiked with us step for step! Cloudy rode on the Cloudy-pack while Pete and I took turns carrying his chunky butt around.
Cloudy's new favorite words are: Elk and Buffalo
Ben stated his new favorite word was GLOSSARY! He also learned what 'scat' is (before leaving his own on the Lake Overlook trail.)
enjoy the pictures.
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Dave and Karen said...

That's SO COOL!!!!!! I have always wanted to visit Yellowstone. Off to check out your pictures! :D

Dave and Karen said...

Okay, just looked at all your pics and I am just bowled over. It looks BEAUTIFUL out there......what an awesome vacation idea!!

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