Monday, September 5, 2011

Cloudy turns 2!

Cloudy had his 2nd birthday!
2! Wow.. 2 - He thinks he turned 3. If you ask him, he'll tell you he's 3.
We loaded up and headed down for a quick trip to Ft Worth this weekend. I baked a cake in advance with two of his favorite things: Yellow and "EP" (airplane), and as I was loading the truck I left the cake on the stairs, only to have Cloudy bring it to me - ON ITS SIDE... The plane had crash landed on its wing, but we managed to salvage it. I sat the cake in the seat next to Ben and the sun attemped to take out the icing. Pete had me move the cake to the floor in front of the boys, and sure enough, Cloudy fell right into it. By the time we got around to serving cake it looked pretty disheveled. But we had a great surprise for EVERYONE - Jenn, Brittany AND Matt were nearby and ALL of them were able to meet up with us for a few hours and a small party of Mr Jim's pizza, cake and melted ice cream! It was PERFECT (minus the cake)!

A video of Cloudy's second year..

Pictures from this weekend..

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Tammy said...

what a great slide show :) he's is just too cute for words. Happy Birthday Cloudy!! We love you :)

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