Sunday, August 28, 2011

Random part 568

Just another random entry to keep you folks up to date.
Capt No-No was crowned the other evening for his success at Potty Training!
He has been an entire week at school with no accidents! And he's been doing just as great at home.
I don't know if by 2 years he will be "COMPLETELY" out of pull-ups, because we still sleep in them at night.

BENJAMIN son pulled ANOTHER tooth out of his head today!
This is becoming a bit ridiculous. NanaJan's tooth fairy pillow has been aquiring lots of action.

Tonight when I was documenting Ben's snaggle smile, I couldn't resist these two loving on Raffis. *head tilt* Cloudy is adorable - when clean. All weekend we were at the lake and I just couldn't NOT keep this boy clean. He constantly had dirt on his hands and face. And if you remember a few blogs back Ben coated Cloudy in stickers... I finally removed the last of the sticker residue from his belly button tonight in the tub - IT WAS AWFUL!

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