Wednesday, August 3, 2011


After a little shopping this morning, Ben and I decided to have a picnic in the park and he suggested a little fishing while we were there.
He had a bite every cast, but managed to only reel one in. After feeding the fish all of his bait, we headed home and grabbed out bikes. We took a quick ride down to pick Cloudy up from school and a detour to DQ for some tasty ice cream cones. (Thank goodness summer is almost over - I can't continue eating ice cream like this! and my will power is not strong enough to say no - to ice cream.)
Once we returned home, Ben rode around on his scooter. Another huge win in the birthday gift department.
This evening I had a 6mile run on the schedule - so Pete and the boys rode bikes with me to the lake and while I ran the 3miles around they were to play at the park, instead the Nebraska Game an Parks people were out for a family fishing night and Ben was able to fish more and caught a few more fish. He also learned how to cast like a champ.

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Tammy said...

he is so cute on that scooter!

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