Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Grader Coming Though - LOOK OUT

Yesterday was Ben's first day of First Grade!

This is him - thinking he's too cool to take pictures.. I had to pull the "Because I'm a mom and I have the right to take pictures of you on the first day of each school year. NOW SMILE!" But i didn't really get a smile.

And this is Ben as he's about to walk away from the car to go to school and he just finished telling me "Mom, PLEASE DON'T, put down the camera"

So I had to take pictures from the car, without looking through the viewfinder as we drove away.

In other news: He lost a tooth the other night. He's been wriggling his top front right tooth, so when it was 10pm at night and he hollered for me like someone was trying to snatch him from his bed, and I about tripped over 18 stairs in a panic to get to him, and he then tells me his tooth fell out, I automatically thought it would be the front tooth. But no, it's a bottom tooth. The front has yet to fall out. Then I thought, it's 10 o'clock at night, why are you still up!? So I made him get out of bed so I could take a picture of his tooth hole.

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