Sunday, July 24, 2011

weekend of not-so-fun

Thursday I took the boys out to start our weekend camping.  First they locked me out of the truck.  Then they locked me out of the camper when it was raining!  Good thing they didn't lock me out of the boat (har har har). 

We had a great Thursday and Friday morning.  THEN - Ben and I became I.L.L!  We would've loved to have come home - only there was never a good hour of non-illness to even drive to the house - much less pack stuff up.  Saturday morning we thought we were feeling better, but it was just a thought.  We quickly headed home and Ben and I had a marathon of t.v. 


Cuteness:  When Cloudy has a booboo -- he makes the kissing sound (*muah muah*) and wants you to kiss his booboo, usually it's to me.  Today he bit his tongue and trying to discourage the crying (since there was no bleeding involved) I told him to go show his daddy.  He walked up to Pete and said *muah muah*, unknowing of the booboo Pete puckered up and Cloudy simultaneously stuck out his tongue!  (I'm crying I'm laughing so much!)


Tammy said...

too funny!!! - feel better :(

Dave and Karen said...

LOL!!!! That was a funny visual. :) Hope you are both feeling better now! Not a fun way to spend a weekend!

jenni said...

Ben and I felt great by Sunday --- Pete however felt left out and wanted a piece of the action... :D

All are well now! Thanks guys

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