Friday, July 8, 2011

Fourth of July Festivities

The boys started their 4th of July weekend by painting shirts...

Saturday we headed downtown to the new TDAmeritrade ballpark for a company picnic with all the fixin's. We climbed the rock wall, Ben swung at golf balls, their were a dozen or so bounce houses, and face paintings. Ben couldn't decide what he wanted painted so we asked for a surprise painting and the lady painted a blue alligator looking creature on his face that made us all laugh. Every time he took a bite of something it looked like he was feeding the lizard. Then Wes had a turtle painted on, and I had a mustache painted on Cloudy that was hilarious for about 2 minutes.. then it just looked like a smeared, dirty face.

After the picnic we went to the ball field for the College Home Run Derby.

We found seats in the front row on the foul line -- not many balls made it our way - but each of the kids walked out with a NCAA Championship ball.
After the game, we ventured onto the field for a viewing of 28,980 shells of firecrackers. It was an amazing 22minutes, even as the debris floated down and landed in our eyes.

On Sunday and Monday we lit off our own firecrackers. Monday morning we made fancy pancakes. Ben made rockets and stars mostly, while I drew names. It takes FOREVER to flip fancy pancakes though. Later we headed over to the Kendall's corner of the earth and destroyed their yard with more firecrackers (and their kitchen with way too much food).

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Tammy said...

LOVE the shirts!!! what a cool idea :) and the pancakes - well you are THE coolest mom :) Looks like a fun time

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