Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cloudy skis

I ask Cloudy if he would like to ski every time we go out. I'm trying to have him ride the board up and down the beach like Ben used to. But 90% of the time Cloudy tells me no.
Today we spent the day at the lake and when the Kendall family arrived Cloudy grabbed Dave, pointed to the ski and said "ski"... Dave dutifully pulled him around on the ski. *it made my heart melt*
I later talked Wes into "skiing the sand". But i got moving to fast and when i stopped Wes tumbled forward. He was a trooper about it, but it might be awhile bf I talk him into skiing again.
Then later - Ben pulled off a couple deep water starts holding the handle (it's usually attached to his ski). What a day!!


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