Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Update..

What a great camping weekend... well -- it was pretty good. The weather was great camping weather, but HORRIBLE skiing weather. It was TOO Cool for end of June. Sunday morning at 11am it was 70 degrees!
We had lots of time to use the hammocks and enjoy The Tangerine Peril (sail boat) and Tipsy Too (canoe). I took the boys on turtle hunt adventures and we almost always saw a turtle or 5. If we were really quiet we could sneak right up on them before they plopped in the water, that was until Cloudy caught on and started screaming "turtle, look mom - turtle".

Even Wes and Ben took out Tipsy Too by themselves.

Sunday morning Pete woke up with a rash on his face. By the afternoon it was oozing. Last night his face was transforming - his entire muzzle was swollen, and by this morning his eyes were too! He made a stop at the Minor Medical Clinic and the swelling has gone down some - but he still looks painful.

Today Ben put together a soda can robug - its a pretty neat little 'robot can' (and he's uber proud of it).

For lunch, we had a picnic at the park - fed the fish and played at the park - until Cloudy dropped his pants and ran around with his hiney hanging out.

So we came home and made chocolate chip cookies for Christy, Rich, Nate, and Breanna! We stopped by for a few minutes this evening to say hi, and couldn't show up empty handed. It was our first time meeting Nate and he is so sweet! He gave all of us hugs as soon as we walked in, and Breanna was quite the young lady. Both very beautiful kids! Will be fun to have them around, specially since they only live 3 miles away!

We came home just in time to for a little more gardening. Ben ended up stealing my hoe, if only he would be more efficient with its use.
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