Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last weekend

Last weekend Ben successfully, and repeatedly did a deep water start on his waterskis. Usually the rope is attached to his skis and he starts on the beach. This weekend he tried starting in the water and holding the rope (not attached to the skis). He did amazing!
Cloudy even got on the ski and pulled it up behind the boat like he was ready to go --- but every time we would start to pull he would sit his butt down... and then try again. He's very competitive with his brother!
We took a long weekend and stayed on Monday and Pete pulled me and both boys around on the tube.
We had a pretty good weekend if you don't count the fuel leak, the dead battery, or sucking up the tube rope in the prop.

We took out our new(to us) Catyak and Peter dubbed it "The Tangerine Peril".
If you say it in a raspy Pirate Voice (and then repeat it a raspy voice a little quieter) it would sound exactly like we say it ever since Saturday.

We sail a pirate flag and had kids all over the lake yelling at the pirate ship.

More pictures of camping with the Kendall family!


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