Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day #19 of summer

Friday how we love thee! Well .. we love any day and it's only multiplied when we are on the water. We ALL love the water. Slight problem - we didn't think we had enough boats. The Mastercraft is too far for a quick spin and requires planning (and $gas$), the Tangerine Peril requires wind... So we found a used canoe! Quick, Easy, Light, and requires nothing but paddling (don't expect to see Nikki in this one).

In the evening we went to the Testicle Festival. Yep, that's right. We ALL ate calf fries, mountain oysters, cowboy caviar, or some might say - swingin' beef. Later we hit up the carnivals firework show. The city always does a nice job on this - and again - bravo. The kids were more impressed with the lightening bugs and glow sticks. But I'll forgive them because it was late and they were excited not to be in bed. It was a great show enhanced by nature. There was lightening just east of the fireworks and it would've made for some spectacular pictures if one was set up in the right spot. I'll have to scour the papers for pictures.


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