Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cam the camouflaged frog

Today while Pete was at work I took the boys and headed out to the campgrounds. After setting up the camper and serving lunch, we set out for the ski boat. Ben was a pro spotter today. His job was to make sure I didn't take out the side of the garage. He did well - I cleared the edges after taking out a box - and he let me know about it. What's worse than a know-it-all kid. A know-it-all kid that actually knows it.

While we were at the boat storage Ben found a frog. And the frog must've been retarded because every time it would get free - it allowed ben to recatch him. I saw Bens stealthiness - err, lack of, trust me - something mustve been wrong with the frog. Ben held the darn thing ALL day!
And when Cloudy passed out on the trip back to camp, I caught ben making the frog kiss him... I flipped out. As if that wasn't enough torture for Cloudy for one day, later when Cloudy was playing t-ball, Ben grabbed the bat and i'm assuming took a swing at the ball and walloped Cloudy in the left eye. He should have a nice shiner by morning.


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