Thursday, June 30, 2011

finally HEAT

It FINALLY got warm enough here to enjoy the splash pad down the road.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Update..

What a great camping weekend... well -- it was pretty good. The weather was great camping weather, but HORRIBLE skiing weather. It was TOO Cool for end of June. Sunday morning at 11am it was 70 degrees!
We had lots of time to use the hammocks and enjoy The Tangerine Peril (sail boat) and Tipsy Too (canoe). I took the boys on turtle hunt adventures and we almost always saw a turtle or 5. If we were really quiet we could sneak right up on them before they plopped in the water, that was until Cloudy caught on and started screaming "turtle, look mom - turtle".

Even Wes and Ben took out Tipsy Too by themselves.

Sunday morning Pete woke up with a rash on his face. By the afternoon it was oozing. Last night his face was transforming - his entire muzzle was swollen, and by this morning his eyes were too! He made a stop at the Minor Medical Clinic and the swelling has gone down some - but he still looks painful.

Today Ben put together a soda can robug - its a pretty neat little 'robot can' (and he's uber proud of it).

For lunch, we had a picnic at the park - fed the fish and played at the park - until Cloudy dropped his pants and ran around with his hiney hanging out.

So we came home and made chocolate chip cookies for Christy, Rich, Nate, and Breanna! We stopped by for a few minutes this evening to say hi, and couldn't show up empty handed. It was our first time meeting Nate and he is so sweet! He gave all of us hugs as soon as we walked in, and Breanna was quite the young lady. Both very beautiful kids! Will be fun to have them around, specially since they only live 3 miles away!

We came home just in time to for a little more gardening. Ben ended up stealing my hoe, if only he would be more efficient with its use.
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cam the camouflaged frog

Today while Pete was at work I took the boys and headed out to the campgrounds. After setting up the camper and serving lunch, we set out for the ski boat. Ben was a pro spotter today. His job was to make sure I didn't take out the side of the garage. He did well - I cleared the edges after taking out a box - and he let me know about it. What's worse than a know-it-all kid. A know-it-all kid that actually knows it.

While we were at the boat storage Ben found a frog. And the frog must've been retarded because every time it would get free - it allowed ben to recatch him. I saw Bens stealthiness - err, lack of, trust me - something mustve been wrong with the frog. Ben held the darn thing ALL day!
And when Cloudy passed out on the trip back to camp, I caught ben making the frog kiss him... I flipped out. As if that wasn't enough torture for Cloudy for one day, later when Cloudy was playing t-ball, Ben grabbed the bat and i'm assuming took a swing at the ball and walloped Cloudy in the left eye. He should have a nice shiner by morning.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Sunday, June 19, 2011

HFD 2011

Happy Father's Day 2011

We had a great day. We slightly recovered from Papillion Days last night. We arrived just about the time Wes' family wanted to leave. They hung out a while longer and the boys rode tons of rides together, until Ben ran into some kids from school. They saw an out and scrammed. To our surprise Ben is now tall enough to ride some of the 'big kid' rides. There were a few I was kinda shocked he rode. We didn't want to be the fun hating parents so we stuck around until the other kids had to go home (AFTER 10!!!).

Today we took out the Tangerine Peril and the new canoe -- which I think has been dubbed "Tipsy Too"

Pete and I took turns rowing and sailing, while the boys just jumped on whichever. The wind was great -- I even had Pete tie the canoe to the back of Tangerine Peril and pull me around the lake - b/c I was T I R E D !

(ben is 2nd row back)

Best Dad EVER

more pictures here:

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Parade Winners!

Today was the Kiddie Parade. There were about 20 entries in 5 categories.
The Intergalactic Towing Service took first prize in the vehicle category, and when we were setting up the kids had their picture taken from a Money Magazine photographer. (Papillion is in the Top 5 places to live according to Money Magazine)

First prize won $10 and Ben figures he'll spend it all at the carnival tonight.
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Day #19 of summer

Friday how we love thee! Well .. we love any day and it's only multiplied when we are on the water. We ALL love the water. Slight problem - we didn't think we had enough boats. The Mastercraft is too far for a quick spin and requires planning (and $gas$), the Tangerine Peril requires wind... So we found a used canoe! Quick, Easy, Light, and requires nothing but paddling (don't expect to see Nikki in this one).

In the evening we went to the Testicle Festival. Yep, that's right. We ALL ate calf fries, mountain oysters, cowboy caviar, or some might say - swingin' beef. Later we hit up the carnivals firework show. The city always does a nice job on this - and again - bravo. The kids were more impressed with the lightening bugs and glow sticks. But I'll forgive them because it was late and they were excited not to be in bed. It was a great show enhanced by nature. There was lightening just east of the fireworks and it would've made for some spectacular pictures if one was set up in the right spot. I'll have to scour the papers for pictures.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

summer day 17&18

Yesterday Ben took me on a bike ride to the library to see a magician! He was awesome (and so was the magician). Jeff Quinn was great with the kids - and that place was PACKED, so there were LOTS of kids.
We then made a very very happy Cloudy-bear when we picked him up from day-school on the bikes. Cloudy LOVES to ride on the bikes. He cries in the stroller b/c he wants on the bike.

Today we had a low key fun day in the backyard: bounce house, pool, tree house... and even worked on the parade float some. During lunch Ben was all excited when he saw a bird that he thought resembled a "parrot". We sat out back watching for an oriole to fly back by (It obviously did - since I was able to identify it) Both kids enjoyed bird watching with me.. even though Cloudy still insists on calling them 'dogs'.

*not my photo

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No. 844

This past Sunday we sat down by the railyard and waited for Union Pacifics Steam Engine No. 844 to arrive. Let's just say the railroad ain't what it used to be on timely service.
But what a sight as it chugged in!
Fast Fact: No.844 is the only Steam Engine that has never retired.

The train will be on display during the College World Series next week - but was moved in last week for fears of river flooding around the rail lines.

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parade floats

Ben decided that he wanted to be in the Kiddie Parade this year during our city carnival. It's usually a small parade just for the kids. Pete rigged up the wagon with a modified "hitch" and attached it to the back of Ben's John Deere Tryke (which he can still fit on!).
Ben said he wanted to be a spaceship -- so i crafted a FLYING DONUT. I'm still working on all the extras to make it look more like a spacecraft, without going crazy... so far I've only purchased 1 item!

The boys painting the spacecrafts:

some extra pictures

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

First 5k race!

Ben ran his first 5k race today! He ran it 2min+ faster than the other day.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last weekend

Last weekend Ben successfully, and repeatedly did a deep water start on his waterskis. Usually the rope is attached to his skis and he starts on the beach. This weekend he tried starting in the water and holding the rope (not attached to the skis). He did amazing!
Cloudy even got on the ski and pulled it up behind the boat like he was ready to go --- but every time we would start to pull he would sit his butt down... and then try again. He's very competitive with his brother!
We took a long weekend and stayed on Monday and Pete pulled me and both boys around on the tube.
We had a pretty good weekend if you don't count the fuel leak, the dead battery, or sucking up the tube rope in the prop.

We took out our new(to us) Catyak and Peter dubbed it "The Tangerine Peril".
If you say it in a raspy Pirate Voice (and then repeat it a raspy voice a little quieter) it would sound exactly like we say it ever since Saturday.

We sail a pirate flag and had kids all over the lake yelling at the pirate ship.

More pictures of camping with the Kendall family!

Friday, June 3, 2011

4th day of summer vaca

Tomorrow SKIING

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 3 summer vaca

Today we gardened and rode bikes to the library; where Ben signed up for the Summer Reading program, checked out two books, and got his very own library card!!!

day 2 of summer vaca

Yesterday - Ben and I had a full schedule. We did yard work, sailed the catyak, lunch, rode bikes, drove go-karts, picked up cloudy, rode bikes more, went fishing, rode bikes home, played... and then he went out to sail with his dad.
That's one busy kid!