Thursday, May 12, 2011

middle of may ALREADY

Last weekend we went camping (to no surprise - and I'm sure for the next few months all the blogs after a weekend will start to sound the same: camping, skiing, exhausted). The water was still wicked cold - but we braved it and everyone big enough to hold a ski rope did. Ben was stoked to ski this year, and is already planning to learn a deep water start (this makes mom VERY happy). I tried out my new trick skis and they are definitely tricky. Not sure it was the best idea to try them when the water was so cold. I did manage to get up a few times.. but by the time I climbed out of the water my feet were WHITE and numb. eek

There's only a few more weeks of school left - and Benjamin will be a first grader! It's amazing to see the changes in him from just last year to now. I forget sometimes he won't always be a little fellow. Cloudy - well he's a different story. The past few days I've been having him repeat words for me - and he'll try his best and be mostly successful, but if we don't insist on him talking he won't. And most of the time when he does say something not on request - we can't understand him. But he gets his point across - and nothing is sweeter than his hugs and kisses, over and over and over until we are a slobbery mess.

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