Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ben's Kindergarten Field Trip

Ben went on his first field trip yesterday to Gifford Farm, and I was lucky enough to go along. The weather held out for about 2 hrs and before the storm hit just as we rushed the kids back on the bus. All the parents got soaked running back to their cars.

The kids got to see lots of farm animals, and even got to pet a few.
I thought that the sheep were going to be my favorite... but when I saw the little pig my heart cracked. He fell from a truck and the humane society rescued him and nursed him back to health. He now has the life of a rock star at his new home. He's SO adorable!

Best part -- School Bus!

A hollow tree -- all 17 kids fit inside!

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Laura said...

watch out for llamas - they spit :)

Dave and Karen said...

LOL Laura! I was about to say something about Llamas spitting but saw you beat me to it!

Jenn - that is one big sheep! And the pig IS cute -- he looks like Wilbur from Charlotte's Web.

Tammy said...

what fun!! Isn't it funny how the best part is always riding the bus - well at that age at least. HA! Jacob took one field trip too - to the strawberry patch - but I didn't get to go - so no pictures :( - but he did come home with fresh berries :). Miss y'all!

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