Monday, April 4, 2011

First Camping trip of 2011

 This weekend was our first camping trip of the season, and it was FANTASTIC! The weather was nicer than forecasted, and Ben learned to ride his bike without training wheels!! We flew kites, the boys went hiking, we played t-ball, and roasted smores.

We have some pretty groovy friends that like to go camping, and like to go with us. Crazy I know! Cloudy must've missed them over the winter months b/c I caught him several times loving on Nikki and sitting in Dave's bunny hole (aka LAP). They were even nice enough to watch the boys for us Saturday while we went on a 14mi run. We looped around the campsite 5 times and after the first loop Pete noticed Dave & Nikki had set up a water station for us - table and all! When we finished we all walked over to the lake and watched Pete as he waded in the cold water and stood there for 10 minutes. Nut job!


Laura said...

cute sign!

Tammy said...

what fun! love that pic of Cloudy and the camera. too cute. Yay Ben!! Jacob is getting the hang of his bike (Hank got one yesterday so now we can ALL ride). Just have to get a baby seat for Ryan and we're all set. Love your camping sign too

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