Wednesday, March 9, 2011

W week

This week Ben is snack helper for his class. We FORGOT on Monday - LAME! But we made up for it today with Waffle cone bowls with frozen yogurt! MMmmmm. Some kids even declared it the BEST snack yet. I guess that would make it a Winner. We still have gummy Worms and hoping the Weather cooperates and Friday we can have Watermelon! Cloudy has started dayschool. Tuesday was his first day and he did great. He will be going 3 days a week until summer. I'm hoping this will help with his speech; hearing and seeing other kids his age. He had his 18mo well-check on Monday and OTHER than his speech he's doing wonderfully. Our pediatrician doesn't seem worried yet. He offered some peace when he said he sees it quiet often with little boys. He is still considered speech delayed - but since there has been improvement in the past 6 months he suggests we wait until his 2yr well check b/f calling a Speech Therapist.


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