Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cloudy pants

My little rascal is growing up pretty fast. He's unbelievably smart, and ooooh so cute. Potty training is going really well FOR 18MO OLD. He has even told us a few times that he either needs to go, or has had an 'ut-oh'. He's always in undies when we are at the house, I'm just not confident enough to take him out yet. Next week is a new milestone for us, he starts dayschool, and I have to say I'm a little more reluctant than I was with Benjamin. We love the school, or we did when Ben went there, and I'm sure he'll do fantastic. Maybe it will even help him start talking. So far, his words include: ball, mommy, daddy, beh (ben), dog, peepee, and UP... all other communications are asked by us and head nodding by him.

I think his little undies are ADORABLE!

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Tammy said...

love those legs!! :) so cute

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