Sunday, February 6, 2011

The new dilemma

When you're older and you 'mouth' words, usually means you are saying something you shouldn't. But when you're 17mo and mouthing words you get praised?!
Well it's a start we suppose. In the past few weeks we have finally squeezed out a few repetitive words from Cloudy: mommy, dadda, ben, ball. Besides "Ben" and "ball" he doesn't use the words to actually refer to - well - us.
But words nonetheless and we are excited. We noticed our newest dilemma today. If we repeat something and ask him to say the word he won't say it, but he'll mouth it perfectly. If he would put any wind behind the movement the word would be glorious.
Pete is always concerned there might be a hearing issue. Then Cloudy will hear the phone vibrate in my purse and run to retrieve it so we can answer the call, or he'll hear the beep of the Wii sensor bar and insist (with grunts and pushing) that someone go downstairs and turn it off.

I think - maybe - just maybe - he's smarter than the rest of us - and maybe just a little bit lazy.


Tammy said...

wow!! yea, he's probably just smarter than all of us

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