Sunday, January 2, 2011

it's me again blogger

I know I know .. I already posted today.. but that was for yesterday.. so I'm really just a day behind.. and I guess I need to PROOF read my blogs... are and OUR are not the same but I was in a hurry!

We bought a steak brand at WarEagle and used it for the first time today.
We forgot about the Rose Parade and didn't remember until half way through the Rose Bowl football game.. Which triggered more things we forgot to do on the 1st of January.
1 - our traditional steaks (so we had them today)
2 - my family does black eyed peas and since we forgot last year we already had some in stock.. I guess it's a tradition we just aren't going to keep b/c we forgot again this year.

Ben loves his Bailey...
...and his bounce house
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Tammy said...

love the "C" :) one day I'm gonna make it to War Eagle!..We had steaks on New Year's Day - so far we've managed to keep that one going. Happy New Year you guys! - PS - stupid package still has not come :( I may have to go with a Plan B or something

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