Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Imagination and Confusion

A few short stories of Ben's day.

1) At school they were asked to close their eyes and use their imagination then draw what they dreamed up. He came home with this: A picture of him climbing a mountain. Aww Right? No. There was someone at the top falling off! He was a little fuzzy with the details of the other person, and if he was trying to save him or not. It was a little unsettling.

2) During quiet time in Kindergarten the teachers turn a movie on to occupy the children. Today was a classic movie: Ben - Have you ever seen Finopio? There's a blue fairy that puts magic on a toy and the toy turns real and asks if he's a real boy. The fairy tells him, The more you lie the more it grows. That's Finopio. (Also known to the rest of us as Pinocchio).

3) On the drive to the gym tonight we talked about why we were seat belts, how they keep us safe, and that it's the law. Ben says he didn't want to fly around in the car, crash through the window in the roof and crack his head on the ground. Because then (his words here) he would have another Peter Potter scar. (a little confused with Harry Potter).
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jenni said...

We "were" never seatbelts. But we. WEAR seatbelts all the time. (thanks pete)

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