Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2nd Quarter Report Card

Last week school resumed from holiday break, only to be out this Monday and Tuesday for snow days. This morning as we are rushing out the door trying to make it to school in time, I open Ben's backpack to make sure the contents are correct - and when I pull his folder it's jammed with papers. I take a moment to open the envelope that says sign and return, and to my surprise it's the 2nd Quarter report card. As Pete's curled over the porcelain (he's not feeling well), Cloudy's climbing down the stairs, the dogs are screaming for someone to let them back inside, and Benjamin is in a desperate panic to find shoes, I marvel at the "Advanced" in Math and the Proficient in everything else. He's at the top of his reading grade level, which is really no surprise, but still nice to see!


Tammy said...

awesome Ben!!

Nikki Kendall said...

Yay Ben...poor Peter!

Redhead Runner said...

Gotta love a little math nerd in the making!

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