Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Thank goodness swim lessons are over for a few weeks! Tuesdays were getting rough around here - for me at least.
Yesterday, clouds and I hit the gym early - came home and got cleaned up bf we had to be at Ben's school to read to the class (like we try to do every Tuesday).
We sign in as visitors and wait patiently for the kindergarteners to exit the cafeteria and head to their class. USUALLY we wait for Ben and fall in line with him. But on this day, when the kids start filtering by, Cloudy jumps from his chair and hauls little-chunky-thighs down the hall to the class. When we finally settle in for the days book picks: Mr Wallaby's Christmas tree and Pig Angel's Christmas (Both were great rhyming books.), cloudy decides to sit in bunny holes that didn't belong to him. The kids don't seem to mind though - he's a rockstar in their eyes.
In the afternoon, we lounged around on ben's bed and read more books. Even Bailey AND talus (she's too weak and old to jump on the bed therefore not in the picture) joined us. Bad news after a good day - I found another lump on Bailey.


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