Monday, December 6, 2010

Decorating the tree

Sunday - We put up both our trees and outside lights. But before we could start decorating we had to create the ambiance: first order, Christmas music, second - cookies!! You HAVE to have cookies baking, or freshly baked while decorating a Christmas tree, right?!

Ben decided to defer the first ornament hanging to his daddy, so he could sit back and enjoy some cookie.

He did really well hanging all his ornaments on the same branch

Clouds just sat back in his rocker and plotted his evil plans...
Since we've finished, Cloudy will mysteriously hand us an ornament off the tree.
We are trying to teach him he's not allowed to touch the tree -- only the things under it.
He's very sneaky!
Happy Holidays everyone!
and Happy Birthday Popo!
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Tammy said...

love it!! we got the lights on ours, played Christmas music REALLY LOUD - as is Hank's tradition. HA!...I'm liking the cookie idea...hmmm...maybe rum cakes could be in order too HA! Ryan has those jammies Clouds is wearing. my favorite ones :D

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