Saturday, December 11, 2010


Today was the Annual Simcik Fish Fry, and the first time in 5yrs we missed it.
So I decided to have our own fish fry... in the blizzard.. (We actually have a Blizzard Warning today).
We baked rum cake, fixed coleslaw, hashbrown casserole, and Peter fried fish in the garage.
The only thing we missed was the great company! Instead, we have these two yahoos running around our house wrecking EVERYTHING. Cloudy loved the fish and broke another plate today. Ben didn't like any of it, but ate it so he could have rum cake.

After we ate (on time - unlike the actual Fish Fry attendees in Davilla) Pete went out to dispose of the oil and found 2 sections of our privacy fence had been blown over and TWO 4x4s broke in half! We braced a second section that will probably end up on the ground if the wind keeps up through tomorrow as predicted. *sigh*
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Nikki Kendall said...

Cloudy's thigh's in those boots are hilarious!

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