Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve

This morning I headed to the Y for a swim - and Ben tagged along since he was out of school.. When I was finished swimming laps.. he joined me and he practiced his skills... He does quite well!
The Stevens ladies stopped by and we had lots of hor'devors and lots of FUN.. I love them! And so does Clouds and Ben.
Ben must've been worn out - he dares not fall asleep b/f bed time.. he just couldn't help it today at 6:45!

This is Cloudys new camera face. He scrunches everything up.. its funny! I'm sure when I go to take Christmas photos I won't be so amused.. but for now it's cute..

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Tuba, or not tuba ... that is the question said...

Wow....great job swimming Ben! You could be a fish!

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