Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving 2010

Happy Thanksgiving all.. Ours started out with a sick kid.... It never fails - we mention ben has to ride on a plane and he goes and runs a 100+ temp.. Thankfully on Thanksgiving it broke and he feels GREAT... Which meant Pete and I were able to run a turkey trot after all... Just not the one we planned on running... 4 mi in 17 degree weather.. We left Ben at home with his PawPaw.. but poor Cloudy had to go with us in the stroller... He was SO BUNDLED up we could barely see him.
Back home to cooking ALL day.. then a little eating.. and if Thanksgiving wasn't stressful enough with so much going on.. we have to pack! I DREAD PACKING!

it's not thanksgiving without pete's amazing fried turkey.

Cloudy 2010

Ben 2006
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Tammy said...

LOVE those pics :)...I hear ya about the packing. We started yesterday and I am so brain seriously hurts trying to figure out what we need with us, what can be checked, how we are going to carry it all, etc. AHH!! See you in PA :) I think we're about ready to get to bed. Have to leave our house no later than 4 am tomorrow :(

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