Sunday, October 24, 2010

Relax? Whats that..

Monday we returned home from Arkansas. Tuesday Pete was ill, and I was attacking Mt Laundry, that night Ben had a last minute Halloween costume change for us. For the next 3 nights we paper mached, over and over again (and painted, and sewed, and glued). Friday Ben came home from school with his FIRST EVER report card; of course it's Kindergarten and all they give are "Satisfactory"s, but it was still exciting for us. I put the finishing touches on the 'helmet' for Ben's costume, and loaded up the camper so we could go camping this weekend.
The Kendall's brought their bounce house.. and I found it a little humorous to have this set up next to our campers - and the TV! outside playing football.. Camping? HA!

Sunday we got home, did a test run on the costume at the local shopping centers celebration. 50% of the people said "wow great costume", but only 10% really knew he was a Raving Rabbid (guess not everyone plays Wii - STRANGE WORLD).

We came home and carved our jack-o-lanterns; Ben designed and carved his all on his own!

Below are more pictures.


Tammy said...

what a great costume!!!! love the punkins :)

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