Thursday, October 28, 2010

Costume Contest

We made our annual trip to the high school for the city's trick or treating. Ben scored big with the teenagers - they ALL loved his costume. He did ok with the judges too, he won top prize for the 2nd year. (Still makes me mad Bowser didn't win).

Some critter (presumably a dog) ate the face off Ben's pumpkin. It just happened to be sitting next to mine.. and I thought that was pretty funny.

Yesterday while supper was on the stove, I hear Cloudy standing behind me whoofing. I turn to see him facing the stove whoofing his little heart out at the steam coming from the pan on the stove. It made me giggle just a bit. He likes to whoof anything that is hot.

This morning he mastered the art of feeding the girls food from his highchair. Not really happy about this - but at least he stopped trying to feed me his leftovers (blek). When he got down he thought it would be fun to play with them, so he found a rawhide bone and went to give it to Tally, when she took it he SCREAMED! Honestly don't know what he expected to happen. Tally just looked at me like - I didn't do it..and she walked away.
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Nikki Kendall said...

Cloudy is looking at you like...."deedle?"

jenni said...

yep yep.. he sure is... it's ok - YOU know i'm used to it.
He'd give YOU that same look!

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