Monday, September 6, 2010

Birthday Birthday Weekend

This past week we pulled Ben out of school a few days to start our long weekend a bit early. We loaded up the boat and drove to Arkansas. I made sure we left at 0'dark thirty in hopes to getting a few hrs in b/f the kids really woke up.. and for the first 3 hrs of the trip, Ben made sure I wasn't sleeping - he talked and talked and talked.. I'm surprised Pete slept in the passenger seat as much as Ben rattled on.

We had a late lunch at Devils Den park in Arkansas and really enjoyed a little hike. That place is just beautiful to me. After a night at PawPaws house we packed up mowers and headed to Norrell. The lake was amazing as always.. and the camping was great - minus the no campfire due to a burn ban, and low 50s over night... Buurrrrr.

Cloudy turned ONE on Saturday and we had a little party for him at the lake. It was sweet, and the cake was tasty!
Sunday came around and no one wanted to leave...
Monday we drove back to Nebraska and celebrated my birthday in the car.. FUN... I'm getting a new tire for the boat trailer...Backing into the drive Pete hit some rebar sticking out of the storm drain...

Ben was distraught that he didnt have gifts to give Cloudy or me... But decided his gift to Cloudy would be that BEN could play Wii while Cloudy watched.. and my gift was he wasn't allowed to cry/whine all day today (it actually worked too) .

Take a look at the album below for more pictures of our long weekend..

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