Friday, August 6, 2010

I feel the earth move...

Ben's FINALLY feeling better. He got dressed this morning and even asked for food. ALL GOOD SIGNS.. I even took him on a short excursion to the post, bank and store. Only had to make one mad dash. YAY ben.
Hes only allowed starches for today - so lots of bread and mashed taters for him. (I was surprised when MY kid was unfamiliar with mashed potatoes - WHO KNEW?)

While we were out - he tells me he feels the earth rotate. Wouldn't that be wild to feel the earth rotate?
He also told me that it was "time to break your head open" when a firetruck drove past us with lights and sirens on. I guess if there was ever a good time to crack a head open it WOULD be when an EMT truck was near.

Cloudy on the other hand, found his "junk". And like all boys, he's fascinated, he won't move his hands in the tub or while I'm changing his diaper. It's all down hill from here!


Tammy said...

Glad Ben is feeling better :) funny :)

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