Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Benjamin

WOW! What a weekend! It was almost as crazy as the weekend 5yrs ago.. or 11 yrs ago...
We started out Thursday night camping, it was Matt's last day of work and his mom and sister drove up to take him home. We forced everyone to go camping and play at the lake for a few days. The Kendall's were out camping, and we had a group full... it was lots of fun and NEVER enough hrs of daylight. We enjoyed watching Jenn Jr show her mad skillz on the wakeboard, and the Matt attempt his huge jumps... but MOSTLY BEN KNEEBOARDED! He saw our old kneeboard out at storage and asked to take it to the lake... Since we had two - we went 2 up behind the boat and it was SO MUCH FUN with Ben, that Jenn Jr rode with me.. and then Matt with Pete. Seriously what a change and we had entirely too much fun.
I somehow managed to throw a cake together Saturday when we got home (its a shark - that looks like a whale with a stroke).. but it tastes great - and Ben thought it was amazing. We had a family party Saturday night, since everyone was leaving Sunday morning. Ben received a new PAIR of skis from us, and was thrilled but in the same breath said "But I really wanted a wakeboard" **insert AWWW and sad mommy **
And this morning after playing with all his new toys, he turns and says - whens my party? UH HELLO! You've had 2 already... sheesh.
But he did have a mini party tonight with us and the Stevens women. The girls came over to wish Ben happy birthday -- they gave him a dinosaur egg that "hatches"... we put it in water and it already started to crack... I honestly didn't think Ben was going to move... he just stared at that egg... I expect it to be the first thing he does tomorrow morning.. I'll let you know what/when it hatches.

Below are more pictures of our wickedly wild weekend.. (We miss Matt)

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