Friday, August 27, 2010

For now -- Benisms:

He told me that for Cloudy's birthday HE was going to buy Cloudy a pair of baby Chacos... (SO thankful he relates the word "Chaco" with sandal shoes.)

Pete walks Ben to the front door at school every morning, and every morning there's a little girl (or two) that yell "HI BEN" and Ben apparently just ducks his head and ignores them. Pete tries to tell him to say hi back and asks what the girls names are.. but Ben won't spill... I'm not worried until he starts blushing while his head is ducked.. THEN I think we are in trouble (right Matt?!)

The questions he ask have detailed answers and sometimes I feel like I'm just waisting air. "Is this cow milk? Why do cows have milk? Why do we drink it?"
"Are their real dinosaurs? Are they alive? Why did they die?"
"How far is the moon? When the earth rotates and it's dark on the other side is it winter there?"

On our walk home from school a few days ago, he tells me how his schools compare. " at [his] old school moms could go inside and pick kids up whenever they got there, but at this school you can only leave when the teacher wants you to."

He is a wicked smart kid, that's for sure.


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