Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Pictures from Ben's first day of school... (first 1/2 day, first rainy school day)
Ben was so nervous he barely ate breakfast. And when we were walking to the school house, he thought it was weird that everyone had backpacks. As he sat in he class line in the cafeteria - Little Layla (our neighbor), who is in first grade, was sitting next to him. He was so distracted talking to her that when his class got up to go to their room, he was left behind (I was nice enough to save him though). So on the first day of school, b/f school even started Ben's talking is already causing trouble.

At his desk

Schools out for the day! YAY.. too bad its raining..
He loved school, and is stoked about going all day tomorrow (wander how long THAT will last... 5-6 years??)
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Tammy said...

yay school!!! I bet he's gonna have a blast this year :) can't wait to hear more updates

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