Monday, July 26, 2010

Our little monster

I'm going to start with HE"S OK!

Yesterday morning, Cloudy pulled himself up to standing and fell. Something kids do all the time... right? Well except this time he fell just right that his ring finger (or 4th digit on the left hand) was injured. It instantly was bruised, that icky purple and white bruise. Or first intinct was that he broke it, and since all childrens meds have been recalled we didn't have a single pain killer in the house for the kid. After a trip to the store for Pete, and a call to the Triage Nurse - knowing that if it was broke all the dr would do would be to buddy wrap it to the next finger.. we decided to hold out and see how he did. Last night the purple turned black and then this morning to red. He was using the digit - but like Pete said - I didn't want to be responsible for him not to be able to play piano when he was 10 b/c I decided not taking him to the dr when he was 11mo. A quick visit to the Dr - and he sent us up to get xrays. Clouds screamed from the second his hand hit the table to the second it left. That's it - that's all -- he was done. But he did give the techs the stink eye.
The finger isn't broke - well wasn't - after Ben squashed it with the rocking horse this evening who knows for sure... but its probably ok.
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