Sunday, July 11, 2010

it's over *sad*

The weekend is over and that's sad..
Saturday we hit the lake and ALL got in ski runs. I busted so hard on the slalom I have a bruise on my leg. The guys thought I was trying to do cartwheels on the water... I thought the ski was doubling as a bronco - wooohooo... or is it Yeeehaw.. I forget these days...
Anyway - Matt then ate it on the wakeboard. The same water goblin that grabbed my ski, grabbed his wakeboard when he was attempting a 180.
We tossed in the towel and headed back to the house; where we rode motorcycles the rest of the afternoon followed by a quick tour of the yard with the lawn mower (FUN).

Today we rode the bicycles over to PapioBay - Ben (and the rest of us) had a freaking blast!
It was a great weekend - I wish we had 50 more just like this one.

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Tammy said...

I wanna go!

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