Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another one bites the dust...

Another weekend gone.. another weekend closer to the end of summer.. to Matt heading home.. to Ben being FIVE.. ELEVEN Years of marriage.. and Ben starting Kindergarten... *DEEP SIGH* If anyone knows where the "Slow down" button is, let me know, I would REALLY like to press it a few times.

We were at the lake ALL day on Saturday. It didn't start out great:
1- I left the camera at the house
2 - The boat didn't start - needed a new battery
3 - I lost my shades IN the drink while waiting for Pete to return with new battery
The boat worked with appropriate power -- we somehow ALL managed to have decent ski runs (even at 10AM on Fremont Lakes), and three hours after loosing my shades, I FOUND THEM! YAY...

We saw our neighbors out on the water. Ben and I convinced Hagen and Layla to waterski at the beach... then later behind the boat! They were rocking out on the ski. Showing off with one hand on the handle... So Ben decides he has to ski afterward... it was really too funny. He would wrap his elbow around the handle (like us big kids do when our grip gets shot), then he would shift his weight to slide the ski around from wake to wake.. it was cute.. he was totally showing out..

This morning we slept in - but still managed to catch Nikki running her last leg of Papillion's Mayor Triathlon, she did amazing! We also took Ben fishing again.. he's getting used to the idea of fish.

Matt even caught one... without bait - just a shiny hook

I know I'm not as diligent posting video of Cloudy as we had with Benjamin - but we do take video... Today he accomplished climbing into his rocking chair.
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