Monday, July 26, 2010

Our little monster

I'm going to start with HE"S OK!

Yesterday morning, Cloudy pulled himself up to standing and fell. Something kids do all the time... right? Well except this time he fell just right that his ring finger (or 4th digit on the left hand) was injured. It instantly was bruised, that icky purple and white bruise. Or first intinct was that he broke it, and since all childrens meds have been recalled we didn't have a single pain killer in the house for the kid. After a trip to the store for Pete, and a call to the Triage Nurse - knowing that if it was broke all the dr would do would be to buddy wrap it to the next finger.. we decided to hold out and see how he did. Last night the purple turned black and then this morning to red. He was using the digit - but like Pete said - I didn't want to be responsible for him not to be able to play piano when he was 10 b/c I decided not taking him to the dr when he was 11mo. A quick visit to the Dr - and he sent us up to get xrays. Clouds screamed from the second his hand hit the table to the second it left. That's it - that's all -- he was done. But he did give the techs the stink eye.
The finger isn't broke - well wasn't - after Ben squashed it with the rocking horse this evening who knows for sure... but its probably ok.
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ben's Jump Party

We had a birthday party for Ben at the jump house and he had a great time. A lot of his friends came out to celebrate and they attacked Matt. From now on I totally think Matt should be around for ALL kid parties as the entertainer. I think Matt had as much fun as the kids though... especially on the velcro wall.
*this is not the official cake for the year.

2010-07-24 Ben's Jump party
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

love me some boys....

Time to get Cloudy his own book shelf.. he keeps sneaking into Ben's

The look says it all...

Ben doing what he loves to do...
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another one bites the dust...

Another weekend gone.. another weekend closer to the end of summer.. to Matt heading home.. to Ben being FIVE.. ELEVEN Years of marriage.. and Ben starting Kindergarten... *DEEP SIGH* If anyone knows where the "Slow down" button is, let me know, I would REALLY like to press it a few times.

We were at the lake ALL day on Saturday. It didn't start out great:
1- I left the camera at the house
2 - The boat didn't start - needed a new battery
3 - I lost my shades IN the drink while waiting for Pete to return with new battery
The boat worked with appropriate power -- we somehow ALL managed to have decent ski runs (even at 10AM on Fremont Lakes), and three hours after loosing my shades, I FOUND THEM! YAY...

We saw our neighbors out on the water. Ben and I convinced Hagen and Layla to waterski at the beach... then later behind the boat! They were rocking out on the ski. Showing off with one hand on the handle... So Ben decides he has to ski afterward... it was really too funny. He would wrap his elbow around the handle (like us big kids do when our grip gets shot), then he would shift his weight to slide the ski around from wake to wake.. it was cute.. he was totally showing out..

This morning we slept in - but still managed to catch Nikki running her last leg of Papillion's Mayor Triathlon, she did amazing! We also took Ben fishing again.. he's getting used to the idea of fish.

Matt even caught one... without bait - just a shiny hook

I know I'm not as diligent posting video of Cloudy as we had with Benjamin - but we do take video... Today he accomplished climbing into his rocking chair.
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Friday, July 16, 2010


Cloudy took his FIRST unassisted step tonight!! (it makes it a little
sweeter that it was TO ME!)


Took ben fishing at Halleck Park. You're almost guaranteed to catch a
little fish everytime the hook hits the water if you have anything on
it... Today we used corn! Yeah you read that right - corn; even our
fish are cornfed. Ben caught this whopper of a fish - it was 3xs
bigger than the ones we usually catch (he was probably 6-7in long).
He struggled reeling it in and ran away once it was out of the water,
he's. "tough guy" can't ya tell.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

smiles and tears

Ben was coloring at school and I guess decided to color his face; good news is he looks great with green eye shadow
(It washed off pretty easily)

Now thats the Cloudy I know and love... Cry Baby Cry!

I thought I would also mention - Bailey is doing GREAT - she looks better than ever and is LOUDER than ever too

Geesh - serious faces
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

it's over *sad*

The weekend is over and that's sad..
Saturday we hit the lake and ALL got in ski runs. I busted so hard on the slalom I have a bruise on my leg. The guys thought I was trying to do cartwheels on the water... I thought the ski was doubling as a bronco - wooohooo... or is it Yeeehaw.. I forget these days...
Anyway - Matt then ate it on the wakeboard. The same water goblin that grabbed my ski, grabbed his wakeboard when he was attempting a 180.
We tossed in the towel and headed back to the house; where we rode motorcycles the rest of the afternoon followed by a quick tour of the yard with the lawn mower (FUN).

Today we rode the bicycles over to PapioBay - Ben (and the rest of us) had a freaking blast!
It was a great weekend - I wish we had 50 more just like this one.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Sprinkler time

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh the Clouds outside

This is why my productivity per hour has decreased significantly: my
resident dirt eater. It doesn't have to be dirt, anything the boy
can pick up will do just fine, and go straight for a taste test.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A great 4th of July weekend

We had an amazing weekend - jammed packed with things to do.
Most of it is pretty much a blur, but I'm pretty sure we slept in on the 4th and woke up to rain. Even though we've had entirely ENOUGH rain this year - it was a welcomed rain. It slowed us down just enough to relax for a few hours, before the explode-athon started.

Cloudy was great and enjoyed firecrackers till about 8:30 - Ben stayed up SUPER late and is a true pyro at heart. Even though he wasn't allowed to light anything - he made sure everyone was stocked up to light things for his enjoyment.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pics off my phone

1: Cloudy in chalk
2: Ben = mini-m@
3: at the zoo
4: at the grocery store / bad idea on busy weekend!

Friday, July 2, 2010

School PIcnic

Discovery Academy had a school picnic today for all the kids.. and it was A TON of fun.
We met up with them at the City Park - since we were a lot of minutes early we enjoyed playing at the playground. When the kids arrive they started yelling "Hi Ben" and even a few "Hi Cloudy" (he's a rock star already!)

They had fireworks, pop-its, water balloon games, a pinata, face painting, and more. I love Ben's school and its kind of sad knowing he won't be going there after next month.. but I'm pretty sure Clouds will start next March.

more pictures below.

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