Sunday, June 27, 2010

L.O.N.G. weekend

Just how long???
Wednesday we spent ALL day smoking meat for our trip -- some brisket and ribs.
Thursday the boys and I went out in the morning and started camping.
Friday we had a great day on the lake b/f Pete came in - Matt pulled me around the lake a few times.. I really like having someone there to drive the boat!
Saturday we actually ran out of gas in the morning -- Very embarrassing - seeing how we had 10 gal at the campsite. We thought we could get our morning ski runs in b/f adding fuel -- but as we paddled back we pondered that theory.. Thankfully some barefooters came to our rescue - and towed us the last 3/4 of a mile.. Saturday night we decided we were toast - and that after our morning ski run we would pack up and leave on Sunday...
Sunday came around - we headed to the boat - and pfffft. What's that - dead battery. boooooo
Pete stole the truck battery - we went skiing!! I love my family!

More pics in the album below


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