Thursday, June 17, 2010

I should also mention....

I caught Cloudy on the stairs today, and after my initial panic, I
remembered not to startle him so he wouldn't fall and I followed him
all the way up. He did very well climbing. But now we need gates
EVERYWHERE again, which Makes it impossible to carry laundry downstairs.

Ben adores Matthew. Ben idolizes Matthew. Ben doesn't think Matt
knows the "rules or our house". He might be coming a little tired of
all the rough-housing. He told matt that he plays too rough, and
that we don't fight in our house.

And, the shocker of all... I left the boys with Matt for a few
minutes today and when I got home I grabbed cloudy and snuggled him in
my lap. To which he wriggler and squirmed out and crawled as fast as
his fat legs would move right back to Matt, sat up, leaned against
him, turned and smiled at me - like he was laughing at me. /stinky

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