Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bailey and her new Friend

What a week!
Holy Geez - ever since Matt showed up we've been so busy (having fun)!

First the boys had a Nerf gun fight and Ben finally got wise and grabbed a motorcycle helmet. (I even got nailed in the head a few times. So I'm buying a third Nerf gun when I go shopping - for "protection")

We went to play miniature golf, on the HOTTEST day yet - a whopping 87 degrees... we were sweating.

I took Bailey in to the Vet, again. She has been sick since Easter, and after the ultrasound on Friday they confirmed she has cancer. She had a shot that made her feel better and has been doing really well all weekend. She's even been barking again.
She's been sleeping in the bed with Matt and today when Matt started petting on Talus, she started screaming at him. Pete went to look (since she never barks unless she's hurting anymore) and just about fell out laughing - Bailey was completely jealous. For now, we're doing our best at preparing Ben what might happen in the next few weeks.

Today - we woke up and had planned on going to the lake at 0600, but radar said sleep in.
Finally we decided to take our chances - and we are SO glad we did. The air temp was only 64 - cloudy - and a few rain drops - but it was just enough to keep everyone else OFF the water. We had the place to ourselves and had the best ski runs of the year!
I thought it was ironic that we left as the sun started peeking through - WHO DOES THAT??
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