Sunday, June 27, 2010

L.O.N.G. weekend

Just how long???
Wednesday we spent ALL day smoking meat for our trip -- some brisket and ribs.
Thursday the boys and I went out in the morning and started camping.
Friday we had a great day on the lake b/f Pete came in - Matt pulled me around the lake a few times.. I really like having someone there to drive the boat!
Saturday we actually ran out of gas in the morning -- Very embarrassing - seeing how we had 10 gal at the campsite. We thought we could get our morning ski runs in b/f adding fuel -- but as we paddled back we pondered that theory.. Thankfully some barefooters came to our rescue - and towed us the last 3/4 of a mile.. Saturday night we decided we were toast - and that after our morning ski run we would pack up and leave on Sunday...
Sunday came around - we headed to the boat - and pfffft. What's that - dead battery. boooooo
Pete stole the truck battery - we went skiing!! I love my family!

More pics in the album below

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yellow Card

Ben has NEVER been in serious trouble at school in the three years
he's been going. Guess there's always a first... Today when Matt and
I walked up to the school, bens teacher told us Ben punched a friend;
which is bad enough, but the friend was a girl - which makes it even

I think it could be brought on by the constant rough-housing with Matt.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Soo soo busy!!!

Today we saw the Papillion Days parade, went to the South Bend Testicle Festival and ate some calf fries, then back home for rides at the carnival. Now I'm sitting here trying to regroup before we hit the lake in the morning.

The photo-link below takes you to more pictures from the carnival


Matt with his Calf Fries

Ben eating his calf fries

Even Cloudy tried to sample one


Yesterday we spent the entire day at the lake and had an amazing day. When we got home yesterday evening we made it up to Papillion Days carnival just in time for the FIREWORKS!
Today, we watched the parade and Ben scored big on the candy... and later... well you'll just have to read tomorrows blog to find out what we have in store for LATER..

Click on the picture below to navigate to the album of pictures from the lake

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I should also mention....

I caught Cloudy on the stairs today, and after my initial panic, I
remembered not to startle him so he wouldn't fall and I followed him
all the way up. He did very well climbing. But now we need gates
EVERYWHERE again, which Makes it impossible to carry laundry downstairs.

Ben adores Matthew. Ben idolizes Matthew. Ben doesn't think Matt
knows the "rules or our house". He might be coming a little tired of
all the rough-housing. He told matt that he plays too rough, and
that we don't fight in our house.

And, the shocker of all... I left the boys with Matt for a few
minutes today and when I got home I grabbed cloudy and snuggled him in
my lap. To which he wriggler and squirmed out and crawled as fast as
his fat legs would move right back to Matt, sat up, leaned against
him, turned and smiled at me - like he was laughing at me. /stinky

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Is the weekend here yet?

4 boys in one house is 4 too many! (I love them all)

Today we went bowling at the swanky Papio Bowl. Ben is participating in the library's reading club and read for 20min each day last week. When he turns his chart in he receives prizes; this weeks prize was 2 free games of bowling and a free meal at McDonalds (boo).
(He's excited to find out what he'll get next week)

When we were bowling Ben asked me if he got to keep the "fancy shoes".

The rest are just boys playing in the pool.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bailey and her new Friend

What a week!
Holy Geez - ever since Matt showed up we've been so busy (having fun)!

First the boys had a Nerf gun fight and Ben finally got wise and grabbed a motorcycle helmet. (I even got nailed in the head a few times. So I'm buying a third Nerf gun when I go shopping - for "protection")

We went to play miniature golf, on the HOTTEST day yet - a whopping 87 degrees... we were sweating.

I took Bailey in to the Vet, again. She has been sick since Easter, and after the ultrasound on Friday they confirmed she has cancer. She had a shot that made her feel better and has been doing really well all weekend. She's even been barking again.
She's been sleeping in the bed with Matt and today when Matt started petting on Talus, she started screaming at him. Pete went to look (since she never barks unless she's hurting anymore) and just about fell out laughing - Bailey was completely jealous. For now, we're doing our best at preparing Ben what might happen in the next few weeks.

Today - we woke up and had planned on going to the lake at 0600, but radar said sleep in.
Finally we decided to take our chances - and we are SO glad we did. The air temp was only 64 - cloudy - and a few rain drops - but it was just enough to keep everyone else OFF the water. We had the place to ourselves and had the best ski runs of the year!
I thought it was ironic that we left as the sun started peeking through - WHO DOES THAT??
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Waffle cone Wednesday

For weeks now we've been ramping up for our weekly 13mi bike treks to
TCBY for our waffle cone Wednesdays, only to find the tcby closed!
Sad and frozen-yougart-less we started to head home - and noticed the
Subway across the street had a Goodrich. It's no frozen yougart but
for one night it'll do. When we walked in they had a big "waffle cone
Wednesday" sign, they must be cleaning up from the disappointed tcby
We probably (most definitely) will not be riding back out for ice
cream this summer. Calories burnt vs caloric intake aren't even close.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A few more pics from the weekend

Ben had his first motorcycle ride tonight.
We went out there so our nephew Matt could practice riding.

Also attached is a photo of Cloudy in the camper this weekend.

Weekends over...

Well - here we are again at the end of the weekend and now we have all week to recoup and get ready for next weekend..
Clouds LOVES being on the boat (as long as its running).
Matt outdid us all: he had HUGE air on the wakeboard, and figured out the slalom ski in about five pulls.
And my heart always melts when Ben asks over and over again "when's it MY TURN to ski!?"
We enjoyed camping with the Kendalls once again, and once again we had extreme weather... this time it wasn't 30+mph wind.. instead it was severe thunderstorms that hit ALL night long Friday into Saturday morning.

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