Monday, May 24, 2010

Camping weekend

We had such a fantastic weekend.  The boys and I went out to the campsite early on Friday and Sir Clouds was exceptional!  Ben was a huge help setting up camp - he wanted to know what his next job was every time he finished the task I assigned.. He even attempted to crank up the camper.  And when pete got in Friday evening Ben was stoked about skiing.  But I think he really just wanted to show off for his friend Wesley... I'll take whatever gets the kid out on a ski. On Saturday he called "first ski run" which USUALLY goes to me...but I gladly handed it over to the kid.

Sunday we finally threw in the towel after Ben ate up all the gas skiing !!!! (5 times this weekend)
Ben helped crank the camper down, which is much easier, and a huge confident builder for him.  On the way home he was telling me his three favorite things about the weekend: 1- skiing ( my heart melted just a little). 2-smores (duh!) 3- playing with the lights with "West" (Wesley )

I think Cloudy has disowned me as his BFF and taken to Nikki.  He doesn't like too many people - but lights up and smiles for Nikki every time.  She was great and hung out with him on the boat while we skied. Thanks Nikki! 


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