Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Teeth teeth and more teeth

Ben had his followup today and was exceptional! His cavities were
really shallow so he didn't even need to be numbed. They were really
impressed with bens composure. He did so well I was able to muster
up the courage for mcdonalds. (we NEVER eat there ) Ben remembers
going once when he was younger. But a different store bc he remembers
there being a car inside (one in Missouri). He was eating his 470
calorie (reason we don't go) chicken nuggets, apples with caramel dip
and choc milk when I realized he was dipping the nuggets in caramel
dip. Oops. No wonder he thought they were so delicious.

As for cloudy - 2 more teeth! His two tops are busting through. And
he chewed on a piece of steak the other day (in his safety ring) like
a pro!


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