Thursday, April 8, 2010

summary of trip

I figured we've recovered long enough from our trip - it was time for a summary blog.
The boys did great on our trip. Poor Ben was sick for the first half. He had the same junk Cloudy had a week and a half earlier... (and Jacob has it now I hear - sorry Jake!). Not sure what it was.. I had taken Clouds to the Dr but they couldn't find anything but a high fever.. (which lasted for 4 days) - and my instructions were to dose with tylenol and if the fever lasted longer than 4 days bring him back.. So when Ben got it - we just dosed him up with Tylenol and were thankfully he was such a trooper (and a good sick kid).
He was miserable the first day we took him to the beach.. and we cancelled plans of a Disney trip b/c he was still sick. But he did make it to Dino World.

We loved seeing the Georgia Carters - Jake and Ben are a wonderful sight together - and little Ryan is a sweet sweet baby -- although there are some pictures it looks like Cloudy is going to eat him for lunch..

The trip continued on to Venice where we met up with the Prann side.. and had a great time visiting with all.. Ben found a new idol in Logan and Alex, who he STILL talks about. A few days later we ended back in Tampa to see Umpah and Nana, and eat KEY LIME PIE. mmmmmmmm.

We were glad to see that almost everyone was comfortable calling Cloudy "Cloudy" - except for Uncle Tank and clan who called him "sammy" - very confusing, I kept looking for a third baby..

Monday after arriving home Ben woke up gloomy. When I asked him what was wrong - he said he still wanted to be in Florida. Me too ben, me too!

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Tammy said...

yeah, we sure had a great time seeing y'all. I say we rent a party house again in FL next summer :) the way..Jacob had the low fever for 4 days and then was fine..Ryan got up to 99.6 for 2 days and he seems fine now too :) that's what happens I guess.. stupid germs!...glad you had a great summer trip. We'll be traveling to AR and LA in June as usual.

Tuba, or not tuba ... that is the question said...

Are you going to call him "Cloudy" forever? (Poor kid.....)

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