Monday, April 26, 2010

mobile rocket launcher

Ben used his LEGO firetruck to create a mobile rocket launcher and missile (or as we've discussed - a tactical ballistic missile - we haven't decided on the warhead though.. )..

I started looking - and sure enough LEGO made (in 1970s) a mobile rocket launcher set... How cool are these 'astronaut' guys? I'm still confused why the rocket launch crew would need to be in space suits, but I still WANT a set.. I mean want BEN to have a set.. yeah.. that's it.. I wonder if I can find it ... hmmmmm
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Tammy said...

hey! if a space suit is available - why not wear it HA! too cool!

Redhead Runner said...

I would put the probability that I have the necessary legos to make that at about 90%. You are welcome to stop by and rummage through my lego bin.

Redhead Runner said...

jenni said...

Who is the COOLEST UNC in the WORLD(wide web) ?

pete said...

I'm pretty sure Hank and I had that exact set.

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