Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Questions of a 4yr old... part 1

The other day Benjamin asked Pete about the universe (spurred on by recent viewings of Planet 51). He wanted to know more about the sun and how it was made. First, Pete explained scientifically that the sun is a ball of gases. After the continuous how's and why's, Pete decided to go with - 'God put it there'... to which Ben follows up with, "But HOW? Did he throw it?"

I love him!
As a side note:
Ben recently told me: "I forgot to remember" It was too cute. I really love him

When we asked him why he talks so much:
I talk a lot because I ask a lot of questions. When I see something I want to know... jabber jabber jabber jabber.
He never stops talking -- EVER. He even talks in his sleep. We bet him to keep quiet for one minute and he tried, but he looked like he was going to burst.


Tammy said...

too funny!! can't wait to hear all his chatter - between him and Jacob - there should be NO silence the entire weekend! - only Jacob throws in singing with his chatter so it should be quite funny :) can't wait to see y'all!

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