Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Grandma Pranns Party

Today we spent at the Pranns and enjoyed visiting with everyone.
Ben really enjoyed tagging along with Logan and Alex..

Grandma Prann - 85th party
Cloudy and Uncle Corky
Aunt Susie toasting with a mug of plastic forks.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday : part 2 pics

After Dino World we drove toward the beach, hit a few "dad" stores, had some wicked wind at the beach but we enjoyed watching the wind suffers and kite boarders.  Ben also found 3 sand dollars that washed up near us.
Then to a few "mom" stores (I always like hitting the Prime Outlet mall).  

AND.... apparently Cloudy is tired of
Sitting in the car...   He is full fledge crawling (forward and backwards), sitting from laying down, and pulling himself up to stand.   There's no stopping him now! 

Dinosaur World

Today we visited Dino World and Ben thought it was "fun, but would be
better if we couldve brought Jacob"

Saturday, March 27, 2010

@ Jacobs and Ryans

Get ready to head tilt and say ... "awwwww"

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

On the plane

Florida here we come

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Questions of a 4yr old... part 1

The other day Benjamin asked Pete about the universe (spurred on by recent viewings of Planet 51). He wanted to know more about the sun and how it was made. First, Pete explained scientifically that the sun is a ball of gases. After the continuous how's and why's, Pete decided to go with - 'God put it there'... to which Ben follows up with, "But HOW? Did he throw it?"

I love him!
As a side note:
Ben recently told me: "I forgot to remember" It was too cute. I really love him

When we asked him why he talks so much:
I talk a lot because I ask a lot of questions. When I see something I want to know... jabber jabber jabber jabber.
He never stops talking -- EVER. He even talks in his sleep. We bet him to keep quiet for one minute and he tried, but he looked like he was going to burst.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A few boy pics...

Cloudy in one of his daddy's baby outfits

These two guys are best of friends!
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

60s outside

After 4 days with a fever over 103, Cloudy finally feels better.
However, Ben has decided that on the nicest day of the year so far he
is going to play
Puke-o-Rama indoors. Poor kid! Maybe I'll sneak him outside after

Friday, March 12, 2010


Wednesday march 10
I had the boys with me at the eye dr. Everyone in the room clearly
heard cloudy say his "first" word. And to my disappointment it wasn't
mama. Pete wins again.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

6mo of baby love

Cloudy has tooth #2 coming through! And he wriggles around so much he gets to where he's going but no official crawl. He loves to stand with assistance, and chew on us with his new, very sharp, teeth. He also loves to play peek-a-boo with Benjamin. Usually while I'm holding him and Ben is dancing around behind me screaming at Sam, while Sam is thrusting his body in all directions to find Ben. (Ugh, boys!)

Cloudy had his 6 month well check today: 19lb-- so thankfully the weight has slowed, and he's burning more by moving around. He received an "All Clear" from the Dr. and FIVE shots (+ an oral) from the nurse. 2 were for the flu (seasonal/h1n1) - He's just now old enough and I figured with traveling later this month 1/2 a dose was better than no dose.

Thursday was nice enough (45 degrees) that I walked up to Ben's school and we had a great walk home, just the two of us. I sometimes gut a sick feeling in my gut when I realize how fast Ben is growing up. Wednesday I tried to explain to him what a sunset was, and the rotation of the earth vs moon vs sun. I need help. Too much work to fix a mobile, but spinning on the deck with cloudy as the moon, me the earth, and Ben the sun; however fun for me, just didn't quite work for Ben.

Clouds: I'm going to get you...
Clouds: Arrrggghhh! (he GROWLS all the time... )
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Monday, March 1, 2010

Y'all vs You guys

All good southerners will say "y'all", and midwesterners (and others)
tend to use the phrase "you guys"
Our Benjamin is a mixture of love. He says "y'all guys"

I just noticed yesterday and it was too amusing not to share. I also
heard him say (be prepared to laugh at me) "go huskers". Yes I was
startled, shocked and scared. I hope it's just a phase.

Cloudy is just days away from crawling ! We go Friday for his Six
month well-check. Six sweet months our clouds will be on the 4th.

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