Saturday, February 20, 2010


This morning Cloudy was playing in his safe zone (play yard) and Ben
chunked a matchbox car at him and knocked him in the forehead. No
real damage just a screaming kid with a small bump.

This afternoon we went to the mall and Ben slipped in the foyer of a
store and knocked his head against a corner piece of metal.
3 stitches
Ice cream
- all better

At the hospital Ben said he was in "4" pain. But would be a "0" after
ice cream.

He was one tough kid! He was upset there was blood on his jacket in
the ambulance. And he was concerned about the blood on his shoes while
getting his stitches.


Tammy said...

OH MY!!!!!!!!I just about freaked out here...So glad he's ok...What a scary thing...I guess it looks worse than it is - but I am still freaking out looking at the pictures!!! geezzz - what a crazy day

Laura said...

SO glad he's feeling better and is SUCH a trooper!! WE LOVE YOU BEN!!!
-Aunt Laura and Unc Pete

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